Latest projects

Hello. Here you will find quick snapshots of projects I have been working on lately.


e-commerce • native design • 2016

As a member of Argos' native apps agile team, I provided native design leadership on a suit of apps used by thousands of people every day.


product • native • 2016

Contributed to bring together a cross functional team to implement the new Google native design language across our Android apps.

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product • native • 2016

We introduced a components-based approach to the iOS platform to improve the overall experience by simplifying the main user journeys and browse/purchase patterns.

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In-store browse

in-store • optimisation • 2016

Provided support to the in-store team on a set of iterations on customer journeys after feedback received in a series of user testing.

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Debenhams furniture hub

innovation • interactive • 2015

Innovation project for Debenhams, where we created a touchscreen experience to allow users explore the full range of furniture while they were in store.


healthcare • product • data • 2015

Had the chance of collaborating with a team of data scientists, engineers and marketers transforming Tictrac into a fully-fledge digital health platform.

Chairman's Challenge

Social product • healthcare • interactive • 2015

One of several ground up customisations of our responsive experience for AT&T where employees could join fitness challenges with friends and colleagues.

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redesign • marketing • 2015

Led the redesign of a marketing site that introduced the main product benefits of our newly developed health digital platform.

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iOS on-boarding

on-boarding • native • 2015

We worked closely with the data science team fleshing out a first-time experience to onboard users onto our iOS app.

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On-boarding mobile journey detail

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Admin analytics tool

product • data analytics • 2014

As part of our package we provided a tool that generated customer insights from their own user base. We didn't manage to launch this last iteration but I had fun working on it!

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Internal newsletter

Newsletter • Editorial • 2014

During my time at Tictrac, I run a newsletter with a focus on product design and technology to share knowledge between departments.

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Analytics tool

concept • tool • data • 2014

Designed a map-based mobile data analytics tool we pitched to UK network provider EE.

Lebara mobile website

mobile • branding • 2013

Working closely with the development team, I lead the redesign for Lebara's mobile website. The mobile site evolved into the current responsive experience.

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Product review presentation

Vitra arkitekt

retail experience • touchscreen • 2013

Provided brand and interaction design for a largescreen in-store retail experience for Vitra Arkitect.

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Intel WhatNext?

retail experience • interactive • 2013

Intel What Next? is a conceptual ecommerce experience developed by StartJG. I came into the project to help define a consistent design language that would work across the different platforms.

Desktop site

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In-store large animations

Large displays peppered throughout the retail environment will play a series of animations on loop showcasing key products.

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7 foot-tall interactive touchscreen

The large touchscreen displays would be peppered throughout the retail environment. They sport facial detection capabilities to engage with passers by.

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Mobile site

The mobile optimised hub offers the user the same functionality as its desktop counterpart.

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Which? University

responsive design • branding • 2012

As my first large scale responsive project Which? put together a team of talented people to work on the magazine's digital transformation. I lead the design for their university product.

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Barclays checkout

ecommerce • Interactive • 2013

Aiming to reduce the high drop-out rate Barclays had identified on their checkout flow, I contained the entire form on a single page that reveals sections as the user moves forward.

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3X3 Planet

ios design • interface design • 2011

Provided interface and interaction design for 3X3 Planet making it easy to organise pickup games, check-in at playgrounds and record your results on the go.

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Responsive design presentation

presentation • 2011

As a series of presentations on current trends at Fortune Cookie, I had a pleasure to give a talk on responsive web design back in the day. Hope you like it.


web design • branding • 2012

Lead the UI design for bp.com working as part as an external four-person team from their headquearters in Canary Warf. The website has continued evolving afterwards.

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Adiverse Fall/Winter campaign

retail experience • interactive • 2013

As a one-off project, had the pleasure to work on a set of UI designs for Adidas Virtual Footwear Wall.

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London 2012 e-tailer

e-commerce • interface design • 2011

While working at Fortune Cookie, provided UI design for London 2012's e-commerce website.

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My life as an interface™

personal • storytelling • 2010

My life as an interface was a fun storytelling side project I put together using events from my own life. Make a nice cuppa coffee and enjoy!

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Bupa Running

web design • interface design • 2010

After a major brand refresh, I was tasked to bring Bupa's new visual identity to the web on one of their microsites.

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